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Presley Home Care

About Us

As a team of highly experienced, motivated, and dedicated associates, we are committed to the highest standard of service. Our trustworthy care professionals are able to provide you personal care, and homemaking services, in your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We carefully match caregivers and aides to ensure compatibility, which creates a harmonious relationship between your caregivers and you. On-going supervisory visits by a Registered Nurse will ensure your caregivers and aides are providing the highest quality of care to you and your loved ones.

We believe in creating a team of caring and dedicated professionals whose goal is support you, the client. Your caregivers and aides are trained to deliver excellent homecare service through careful integration and bonding in a manner that reflects the core values and client-oriented policies of our organization. In addition your personal caregiver undergoes a thorough background and education verification with all relevant government agencies in order to ensure your safety and security.

A Registered Nurse will conduct an in-depth assessment to understand your home care needs, we then offer you the selection of a variety of our highly qualified caregivers and aides to meet your needs in the privacy and comfort of your home. We are strongly committed to delivering the highest quality of service to our clients.

We pride ourselves on making sure that you get the care you deserve!

Our Mission

Royal Home Health Care LLC's mission is to exceed standards of excellence. We do this by continually improving internal functions and delivering unprecedented quality service to the communities that we serve.

We are committed to providing a dedicated team of professionals that are carefully screened, certified and selected for their compassion, dedication, dependability & trustworthiness. Their experience in the industry ensures that a patient's well-being, dignity and rights are preserved at all times.

Our compassion to our clients are far reaching. We are devoted to offering the best possible care to allow our patients to lead an independent and a dignified lifestyle in the confines and safety of their own homes, their communities and environments.

Royal Home Health Care LLC is really "Where Dignity is."

Your Expectations

Royal Home Health Care LLC is fully committed to enhancing the lives of our patients, our employees, and the communities we serve.

We are focused on delivering exceptional care to our patients in their residence. We will provide a nurturing environment for our team members to grow and excel. We vow to make a positive contribution in the communities we serve and will do so with passion, integrity, and care.

what you can expect from us is:

  • to keep you safe:
    • You feel safe and protected by staff, but you also have as much freedom as possible to do the things you want to do - regardless of your disability or other needs.
    • Staff protect your dignity and human rights and respect you as an individual.
    • There are enough staff to make sure you receive a reliable service that is not rushed. Staff have the right mix of skills to make sure you are kept safe.
  • to be effective;
    • You are introduced to any staff who are going to provide your care.
    • The staff are chosen because they can provide you with the right care, based on their knowledge, qualifications and skills.
      • You are always asked to give your consent (permission) to care, treatment and support in a way you can understand. If appropriate, your friends and family are also involved in decisions about your care.
      • Staff take steps at the right time to make sure you stay in good health.
      • Staff know about your health needs and personal preferences. They regularly involve you in decisions about your care and treatment and give you as much choice and control as possible.
      • Staff make sure you get the right food and drink you need, and that you have enough of it .
      • Staff treat you with dignity and respect. They have time to develop trusting relationships with you and are concerned for your wellbeing.
  • to be caring;
    • Staff know about your background, likes, hopes and needs. This includes any needs you have because of your age, disability, sex (gender), gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexuality (whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or heterosexual).
    • You are encouraged to express your views, no matter how complex your needs are.
    • If you need to visit hospital or use another service, staff plan this with you to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.
    • If you have any concerns or complaints, staff always take them seriously, investigate them thoroughly and respond to them in good time
  • to be responsive to people's needs;
    • Your care, treatment and support are set out in a written plan that describes what staff need to do to make sure you receive personalised care.
    • You, and your family and friends where appropriate, are actively involved in developing this plan and it reflects your personal choices. For example, you should be able to have a choice about who provides you with personal care, such as help with washing and dressing.
  • to be well-led:
    • Staff know what is expected of them and are happy in their work.
    • Staff are supported by their managers, and can easily meet other staff members to share views and information.
    • Staff have the confidence to report any concerns they have about the care that colleagues, carers and other professionals give. When this happens they are supported and their concerns are thoroughly investigated.
    • Staff and managers work effectively with others who may be involved in caring for you, such as your local council.
    • Managers know what their responsibilities are and are always honest, including when things go wrong.

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